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Dismantling of the emergency generator set and associated equipment

SM Construction teams from the Construction and Service Stations departments dismantled the emergency generator, fuel tanks and all accessories. The building that contained the generator set was also removed.

Location: Poste Grondines et Poste Lotbinière

Client: Hydro-Québec

Type of project: Demolition

Scope: $ 100 000 - $ 500 000

The project in pictures

Services Provided

The following equipment has been dismantled :

  • – 1000 liter daily tank;
  • – 4546 liter outdoor storage tank;
  • – pump and accessories;
  • – generator ;
  • – fire system;
  • – building housing all the equipment (including the attached fireplace).


The two Hydro-Québec stations maintained their operations during the work. A complex lifting plan was required to allow us to remove the building as it was near a working electrical structure.