The power of a
diversified team

The passion of a visionary

‘‘Initially, I created the company to meet specific customer needs. My services then developped naturally. Today, I am recognized for the quality of my work and I have managed to create an actual demand in this field. The customers then multiplied unceasingly, as well as their loyalty.

Today, I look with pride the company’s journey. Seeing its sustainability and growth is valuable to me.’’

Serge Tardif, owner and founder

The company’s name comes from the first letter of the partners’ first names, Serge and Maurice.


Over the first two years, the entrepreneurs manage the company from Serge’s home. The company’s market position is unique.

  • Serge Tardif and his partner found Les Installations Pétrolières S.M. inc. The services offered are related to bulk plant and marine terminals.
  • Acquisition of a commercial building (5,000 square feet) located in Lac Saint-Charles to meet the company’s expansion needs.
  • After his partner’s departure, Serge Tardif becomes the sole owner of the company.
  • Les Installations Pétrolières S.M. introduces a new service: commercial construction in the petroleum industry.
  • Mario Tardif, Serge’s brother, becomes a partner in the business and contributes actively to its expansion. He will give up his shares about fifteen years later.
  • Acquisition of Pagui inc. to add petroleum electricity and maintenance services to the company’s line of activities.

A decade characterized by expansion



  • 12 years after its creation, the company triples its number of employees.
  • First expansion of head office by adding an area of 3,000 square feet dedicated to new offices and storage areas.
  • Founding of Tardif Métal inc., a company specializing in fabrication of steel and wrought metal structures and various equipment for the petroleum industry.
  • Reorganization of the companies to form Groupe SM Tardif. Thus, SM Construction (previously called Les Installations Pétrolières S.M.), Pagui and Tardif Métal become subsidiaries of Groupe SM Tardif.
  • Construction of a paint booth and a specialized shop for reconditioning of petroleum equipment in the yard of Groupe SM Tardif.
  • The company’s growth translates into the expansion of the Groupe SM Tardif warehouse. Its area is doubled, thus covering a space of over 12,000 square feet.
  • The company celebrates its 20th anniversary with partners who contributed actively to its success.

Growth that measures up to the demand

The first decade of the 2000s features strong growth for the company. This lightning-fast rise is achieved by obtaining major contracts, increasingly well-developed commercial expertise and the creation of solid relationships with the partners and the clients.


In the meantime in 2009, Serge Tardif’s daughters, Geneviève and Caroline, join the family business and hold key positions in its development.

  • Construction of two new plants, the first for painting and the second for sandblasting. The head office building is expanded by 5,000 square feet, allowing the addition of new offices and rearrangement of spaces.
  • Groupe SM Tardif now has over 160 full-time employees. These professionals allow the company to support management of many projects simultaneously, while maintaining a reputation as a solid, reliable and safe business.
  • Construction of a plant (2,400 square feet) in the company’s yard, allowing modular construction. This plant will double in area over the years.
  • Celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary. This striking event brings together over 400 guests, who all contributed in their way to the company’s growth.
  • Overall reengineering of the company’s processes to accelerate its growth and increase operational efficiency. A sustained computer revolution has begun and will continue to evolve over the years, thanks to a highly valued culture of improvement.
  • Creation of MAG3, new subsidiary of Groupe SM Tardif, with the main function of ensuring management of procurement and equipment of the group’s affiliates.
  • First participation of Groupe SM Tardif in the Défi Entreprises program. This event will become an essential every year, not to be missed. Management is proud to encourage its employees in their sports and social activities.

Innovation and commitment: at the core of our development

  • Purchase of Morelco inc., which integrates SM Construction. Based in Mascouche, Morelco provides petroleum maintenance services more specifically for the Greater Montréal region.
  • Major contracts multiply and job creation intensifies. For its employees’ welfare, the company proceeds with a major expansion of its head office. The annex of 7,000 square feet allows the creation of new offices, a modern dining room, coffee stations, technological meeting rooms and a gym.
  • Modification of the gym at head office due to its great popularity. The space is doubled and now accommodates many kinds of specialized training equipment.
  • A Social Club is established to offer employees a variety of activities.
  • Appointment of Geneviève Tardif to the position of President in a business succession process.

“Now orchestrated by my daughter, Geneviève, Groupe SM Tardif has over 230 employees and does more than $70 million in business per year. I’m proud of the company’s outlook today and find it very promising for the years ahead and future generations.”

Serge Tardif, owner and founder

Profile of Geneviève Tardif

In 2008, Geneviève Tardif obtained her engineering licence after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering. She immediately joined the family business and began her career as a project manager.

Over the years, she has held a growing position in the company, allowing her to acquire experience and increase her interest in the succession.

Driven by the same passion as her father, Geneviève became President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe SM Tardif in 2018.

While maintaining the family values and the vision instituted by her father, Geneviève is making some structural changes. Aware of the digital transformation exploding in the industry, she is supporting the company in an evolving and innovative process.

“We are two daughters, but I’ve always thought there are three of us – the third one is the business. It’s always been a major presence in our lives. Today, my sister and I are proud to ensure the continuity of what our parents founded. We have extraordinary teams and committed people who are contributing every day to our company’s success. We can only outdo ourselves and become even better!”

Geneviève Tardif, president and chief executive officer

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