Propane Plant Terminal, Sainte-Catherine

Supérieur Propane, a propane supplier for over 65 years, mandated SM Construction to undertake improvement work on their Sainte-Catherine propane depot and their administrative offices.

Location: Sainte-Catherine, Québec

Client: Supérieur Propane & Supérior Gas Liquids

Type of project: General Construction

Scope: $1 M - $5 M

The project in pictures

This general construction work, carried out in several phases, particularly included the construction of multiple concrete bases for the new propane storage and distribution system.

The second stage consisted of construction of a steel canopy and its deck to accommodate a propane transfer system to the delivery trucks. Once this work was completed, SM Construction proceeded with redevelopment of the south parking to allow creation of a new access for delivery trucks.

In spring 2019, SM Construction renovated the workers’ and delivery drivers’ room, a bathroom and an executive office. In summer 2019, our team finally went onsite to enlarge the parking lot located north of the depot.

Despite the scope of all the work, the propane transfer and all the company’s operations were never interrupted, thanks to our excellent coordination with all stakeholders.


Photo credits : Jonathan Robert