Service Stations,

Saint-Antoine Rehabilitation, Montréal

In this site rehabilitation project, SM Construction managed the project completely as general contractor.

Location: Montréal, Québec

Client: Imperial Oil

Type of project: Service Stations

Scope: $1 M - $5 M

The project in pictures

Our teams were in charge, in particular, of excavation, mobilization and demobilization of various equipment (hydraulic shovel, heavy machinery, drill, wood and tools), archaeological monitoring, surveying, water management, reconstruction of a retaining wall, and much more.

The site, occupied by a former ESSO service station, had to undergo an environmental rehabilitation by excavation. This large-scale work involved excavation and off-site disposal of 11,500 metric tonnes of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil up to 12 metres deep.

The project also included installation of a Berlin wall, dewatering and excavation by drawdown of the water table by means of well points installed by drilling, and archaeological monitoring of the work.


A particular challenge on this project was the simultaneous use of several heavy machinery units in a deep excavation in a small area on a site located at an intersection of streets with intense traffic.

Also, the use of a long-armed shovel to remove the excavated soil and water management under deep conditions represented major constraints that were all managed masterfully by our team at SM Construction.