Bulk Plant,

Installation of a complete new system to manage the injection of a diesel additive

SM Construction's team, from the bulk plant department, added a complete new system to manage the injection of a diesel additive on three loading arms. These arms allow trucks to get supplies at the terminal.

Location: Sept-Îles

Client: Imperial Oil (Esso)

Type of project: Bulk Plant

Scope: $ 500 000 - $ 1 000 000

The project in pictures

Our experts proceeded to the construction of a new concrete slab for the installation of the additive distribution equipment then to the addition of a welded steel line from the additive tank to three new meters used for measure the product injected into the diesel. There are also three stainless steel lines that have been added through the existing piping and equipment for injection to the truck loading ramps.

One of the challenges of this achievement was planning related to compliance with the client’s strict health and safety standards. Also, our team had to work at the height, while ensuring the continuity of operations in addition to installing all the piping through the existing. Finally, the intervention of the final connection to the loading ramps was carefully planned with the operations of the terminal in order to ensure optimal safety for workers and minimal reduction in activities for their customers.