Bulk Plant,

Site inspection and cleaning of 35 separators in the province of Quebec

Field assessment and observation program for water-oil separators.

Location: Province of Quebec

Client: Suncor

Type of project: Bulk Plants

Scope: $ 100 000 - $ 500 000

The project in pictures

As part of a national assessment program for Suncor installations with water-oil separators (Petro-Pass and oil depot), SM Construction has inspected and maintained more than 30 sites across the province of Quebec. Finding and coordinating local subcontractors (for each region) was a real challenge.

Services Provided

  • – Complete cleaning of the drainage network to the separator (manhole-sump, underground piping).
  • – Checking the emergency shut-off valve.
  • – Installation of a sampling line to sample and validate the quality of the water leaving the separators.
  • – Complete site assessment with photo records according to Suncor standard.