Main Runway Jean-Lesage International Airport, Québec

The rehabilitation at Jean-Lesage International Airport in Québec City specifically addressed the airport’s main runway. During its active operations, the Airport mandated our team to perform the runway electrical, excavation and paving work.

Location: Québec, Québec

Client: Aéroport de Québec

Type of project: Electricity

Scope: $1 M - $5 M

The project in pictures

More specifically, the rehabilitation of the runway’s complete electric network included the wiring, trench conduits, complete replacement of various lights, including the runway beacon, threshold, end and approach lights and the sign lighting, supply and installation of a temperature sensor system in the runway pavement and installation of 88 runway edge lights.

In all, our team proceeded to install over 130 km of electric cabling, 180,000 feet of PVC conduits, 17 signs and 30 approach light towers. To accelerate the progress of the work, our team worked onsite 24 hours a day for one month. The project performance period was therefore very short.