Modular, Electricity, Commercial Structures,

25 kV substation

In partnership with DUAL ADE, who supplied the 25 kV Switchgear, GROUPE SM TARDIF designed, built and delivered a new prefabricated building for an exterior substation at Saint-Eustache hospital.

Location: Saint-Eustache

Client: Franklin Empire

Type of project: Modular

Scope: $ 100 000 - $ 500 000

The project in pictures

Scope of work included structural, architectural and HVAC design, supply, construction and delivery. PAGUI also installed the 10 cell switchgear designed and supplied by DUAL ADE.


SM CONSTRUCTION managed architectural drawings, which were produced and stamped by Quanta Architecture.

TARDIF METAL engineered structural drawings and fabricated steel structure.

PAGUI supplied and installed control panels, junction boxes, cable trays, lighting, power distribution and security systems. They also installed the 10 cell 25 kV Switchgear and battery charger, free issued by our partner DUAL ADE. Finally, they also supplied and installed electric heating.

DUAL ADE engineered electrical drawings to ensure compatibility with their switchgear design.

HVAC was designed in a collaboration between DUAL ADE, PAGUI and AUBIN PELISSIER.

AUBIN PELISSIER supplied and installed supply / exhaust fans, louvers and AC equipment.