Service Stations,

Pumping Station, Montréal

In this achievement marked by our team’s speedy execution, SM Construction designed and prefabricated a pumping station used to supply eight (8) generators.

Location: Montréal, Québec

Client: Quadrax (Hypertec)

Type of project: Service Stations

Scope: $1 M - $5 M

The project in pictures

Our team also produced the brackets and the overhead piping necessary for the connection of six (6) underground diesel tanks of 75,000 litres. Our mandate concluded with the installation and startup of this prefabricated station on our client’s site.

From the beginning to the end of the project, our team had to consider the necessary clearances above the generators in anticipation of their handling. In greater depth, the services delivered to our client included the fabrication drawings, the supply and design of the pumping station, the civil engineering work and installation of the tanks, prefabrication and painting of the steel pipes, fabrication and galvanization of the structure, electrical installation, supply and installation of the fuel management system, and concreting.