Construction of a dome for a salt shelter

SM Construction was mandated to design a concrete foundation, supply and install a dome-type abrasive salt shelter. The dimensions are 80'x50 'and a height of 36'.

Location: Saint-Augustin (Mirabel)

Client: Ville de Mirabel

Type of project: General Construction

Scope: $ 150 000 - $ 200 000

The project in pictures

SM Construction was responsible for the design, the supply  and the installation of all the part of the project. The works include the construction of a reinforced concrete foundation, the excavation and backfill of the foundation, the installation of a tar plaster as well as the installation of a prefabricated steel structure dome covered with a polyethylene canvas.

The water table was much higher than expected in the tender documents. Although water management was a waste of time, the pumping was well managed by our foreman who was able to deliver the project on time.