Bulk Plant, Electricity,

Lubricant Distribution Farm, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Operated by the subsidiary Pétro Lub, this lubricant distribution farm is responsible for sales and distribution of Petro-Canada. Lubricants. Under this mandate, SM Construction was called on to design, manufacture and build this bulk lubricant product distribution centre, including 18 storage tanks.

Location: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Québec

Client: Groupe Énergie BDL inc. (Pétro Lub)

Type of project: Bulk Plant

Scope: $1 M - $5 M

The project in picture

These tanks, with a capacity ranging from 7000 L to 45,000 L, are used for three product families.

This major project also included manufacturing of a three-arm loading rack with the possibility of addition of an additional arm, a transfer catwalk including three pumps for receiving product, and a 1m³ receptacle packaging centre, including three loading arms and a conveyor.

In the project’s design, SM Construction had to consider several technical instructions, including the fact that the tanks had to be installed within an already closed building.

Also, the design of a pumping system to minimize contamination of distinct families of products was essential for our client.

Finally, Pagui, another subsidiary of Groupe SM Tardif, performed all of the electrical works related to this lubricant distribution farm.


Photo credits : Francis Fontaine