Adria Hill Crest – E-house

SM Construction’s Modular team was tasked with providing a prefabricated building for an electrical substation located in Onaping Sudbary, Ontario.

Location: Québec, QC

Client: Adria

Type of project: Modular

Scope: $ 100 000 - $ 500 000

The project in pictures

The construction took place under favorable conditions, since it was 100% carried out in our factory. Our prefabrication method therefore avoids any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather.

The building was 100% complete upon delivery to the customer’s site. Installation and connection was done by a third party. There was no major work to be done on the site, which saves a lot of time and money for the customer and for us.

Services Provided

  • – Engineering, structural and architectural design
  • – Manufacture and installation of steel structure
  • – Interior system work with a fire-rated wall envelope
  • – Electrical and fire alarm work
  • – Installation of metal cladding
  • – Redundant ventilation system and hydrogen detector
  • – Installation of battery bank and surveillance cameras
  • – ESA approval for electrical components by a third party



Interdisciplinary coordination during the design was necessary to fully understand the facility requirements for the equipment supplied by our client. Thus, the work did not affect the integrity and the quality of construction of the building for the use for which it is intended.


Structure d’acier



Revêtement métallique                                                   Système intérieur